Study In EurAsia is registered educational consultancy in Russia and Ghana as Ostov Limited and Donnish International Limited respectively. SIEA  recruits on behalf of hundreds of institutions from around the world. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, our business is driven by the commissions we receive from educational institutions after successful enrollment, not from charging students additional fees.

With  StudyInEurasia as a recruitment partner, students searching for our institutions receive the most accurate and up-to-date information. Study in Eurasia Counselors work to find a best-fit scenario, ultimately sending the right students to the right institutions. They emphasis overseas education as a path to educational, career and life goals, undertaking this job with dedication and delivering optimum solutions through dynamic support to their students.


Your Study in Europe and Asia Advisor as a result of several signs of mismatches within the field of education. We saw that students with outstanding qualifications were left out and was never given a fair chance to develop their skills. We wanted to put an end to this. So, by providing schools and students professional guidance within the field of education Your Study Advisor would give every student a chance to write its own future.

We offer you free of charge customised educational guidance from one year specialised courses to complete programs at diploma, bachelor and master level. Thanks to our worldwide partnerships we also provide you the option to combine short duration programs at various study locations.


Beyond the educational guidance, we offer you advice on your study finances, accommodation, travel and study insurance. All of this, free of charge.


We understand that there are many things to think about when you are planning to study in Russia. Whatever your goal and however much support you need, we have a service to suit you.

Application Support Service

The Application Support Service is the registration process to gain undergraduates admission in a European or Asian university, available to all students. Our advisors will assist with the application process, edit your personal statement and inform you of which documents are required and what deadlines must be met.

Parents Support

Assistance to parents in terms of reports, visa - support and hotel - bookings in Europe and Asia, during their visit to the country.

Student Visa Support

Our Visa service support  is securing student visas. Study In EurAsia visa consultants are qualified to ensure you receive your visa in time. Student visa.

Postgraduate applicants

The Postgraduate Applicants is for students seeking to undertake a Master or PhD in Europe or Asia. Writing a strong proposal and submitting it to the right supervisor will be key in securing your place on a Master/PhD programme, and our consultants will guide you step by step through the process.

Accommodation assistance

We will reserve your accomodation in the university campus, to make your transfer smooth and everything prepared specially for you.

Scholarship assistance

Applicants from all over the world are eligible for scholarship in some selected European and Asian countries. They must be enrolled or planning to enroll at a full time study university.

What is included?

Personal consultation

Evaluation of your study goals and tailored advice on your supporting docuents.

Professional Editing

Professional construction of your personal statement and CV after an interview session with our expirenced editors/advisors.

Application submission

Assurance that your application will be subbmitted tracked and managed.

Offer letter

Guaranteed offer or a full refund for our services.

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