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Poland, with one of the best educational systems in the world according to the OCDE Pisa report, is also one of the largest countries of the European Union. With a long tradition in higher education, Poland hosts higher education institutions that date from the 14th century. Regardless you plan to study in Poland a Bachelor's, Master'sor PhD degree, Polish institutions provide international students with a wide range of fields of study. And don't be discouraged by the language. You may also study in Poland in English and other foreign languages.

Welcome to study in Poland!

Tuition fees at university

Full-time EU students and students holding the Card of the Pole (Karta Polaka) do not have to pay tuition fees at public higher education institutions in Poland if the study program is conducted in Polish.

For some programs taught in a foreign language, tuition fees may apply. Non-EU students and part-time students have to pay tuition fees. In this case, the amount of the fees is set by each institution. In general, tuition fees for first and second cycle degrees (bachelor's and master's degrees) start at the equivalent to 2000 EUR per year.


Accredited Universities and Colleges

Where in Poland would you like to study? There are plenty of study opportunities in the country.

Below is a selection of state-accredited universities and colleges in Poland organized by type and location. You will also find information on tuition fees, language of instruction or financial assistance available about some of the study programs we have picked for you.

 To help you easily locate universities and colleges in the Poland, our study in EurAsia advisor will help you

Application deadlines

The application deadlines for studies in Poland vary greatly depending on the study program and the higher education institution. Therefore, we recommend you to start the application process as soon as you have found a program you'd like to enroll in.

Please, bear in mind that institutions in Poland may set different deadlines for EU and non-EU students.

How to apply 

Applications for bachelor's (first cycle), master's (second cycle), and PhD studies (third cycle) are sent directly to our email . We will  examine the submitted documentation, will check whether you are eligible for the study program or course you applied for, will inform you on whether you have to pass an admission or aptitude test, and the University will issue a letter of acceptance in case you are finally admitted.

  • A filled-in application form for the selected study program or course
  • This form can be usually downloaded from our website or even filled-in electronically.For some study programs, you might have to pass an aptitude test.


Admission requirements for studies at university in Poland

General requirements

First cycle studies (bachelor's)

If you have successfully completed upper secondary studies in one of the signatory countries of the Lisbon Convention, are in possession of a valid school leaving certificate and qualify for higher education studies in your home country, you may also qualify for higher education studies in Poland. In some cases, you are also requested to take additional qualifying courses and/or admission tests depending on the study program.



Second cycle studies (master's)

If you are applying for a master's program at a higher education institution in Poland, you are required to be in possession of a relevant bachelor's or equivalent degree diploma.

Third cycle studies (PhD)

In the event you are applying for doctoral studies at university in Poland, you are required to be in possession of a relevant diploma or master's degree program.

Language requirement for studies at university in Poland

You will be required to prove your level of command of the language of instruction, whether it is Polish or any other language. In general, higher education institutions in Europe request students to prove they have a level of command of the language of instruction corresponding to the B1/B2 level (intermediate) according to the European language passport.

Please, be advised that the more competitive a course or study program is, the higher the level of knowledge of the language will be.

SourceEurydice database (Eurydice is an international educational database developed by the European Commission and Member States of the European Union with the aim of facilitating and improving the understanding of the different educational systems in Europe).

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