Study in Russia FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

About Russia

Where is Russia located?
What is the Capital of Russia and its population?
What is one of the major religion followed by the people in Russia?
Hows the weather in Russia? Is Russia Cold?
What is the language used in Russia?
What are the security conditions in Russia?
What is the currency used in Russia?

Russian Universities Admission

How to submit an application?
What are the Universities you are representing in Russia?
Are these Universities recognized or affiliated by any board of education or any other Educational Council?
What is the duration of the undergraduate programmes in Russia?
What is the medium of instruction in Russia?
Do we need to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Russian University?
Are Russian degrees valued globally?
Are there any age limits for applicants to Russian universities?
Can I pay the tuition fee in installments?
Do we need to pay the books and exam fee separately or is it included in the fee?
Will I need a visa to come to study in Russia?

Study in Russia

When does academic year start in Russian universities?
What is the visa invitation for education?
Is it difficult to study at the preparatory faculty?
How can I get the information on the University where I’ll continue my education after the completion of the preparatory faculty?
Do I need to pass exams to apply for Masters program in Russia?
How many academic sessions are there in Russian Universities?
What are the requirements of Russian universities for Bachelors Program?
What are the requirements of Russian universities for Master’s Program?
What documents are required to apply for your student visa at Russian embassy?
What is the duration of my Russian student visa?

Living in Russia

What is the Migration card?
What is the Visa Registration?
Will I have any additional expenses when I arrive in Russia?
What is life and health insurance?
Is it necessary for me to have the policy of medical insurance during training in Russia?
Is there any scholarship or grant available for foreign students?
How much are the cost living in Russia?
Can a student open a bank account?
What is the type of accommodation that is given by the Universities in Russia?
What would be the type of food generally found in Russia?
Who does the student contact in Russia if he / she have any queries or problems at the University / hostel?